About Us
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MonroevilleBridalShow-1Hi, my name is Rich and this is my daughter Stephanie.  In 2006 we started a business making custom carpets and rugs, Carpets by DeSalle.  That's quite a stretch since we're both mechanical engineers by education and work experience.  We were both looking for a way to utilize our artistic talents so we took some training and learned the trade.
In 2008 when Stephanie was planning her wedding we got this idea for a unique new wedding keepsake, a rug that the couple would stand on when they pledge their love for one another.  The idea was to create a lasting keepsake that they could use in their home.  We didn't want something that would by stored away in the attic like most wedding keepsakes.  Naturally, it would be made of carpet.
We wanted it to be personalized and so we incorporated their monogram into the design by embroidering it onto a beautiful brocade fabric.  The first picture shows the inlaid fabric and the second shows the rug at their wedding.  It's now hanging on the wall above their headboard.
That's how we got the idea for Keepsake Wedding Rugs.  It turns out that not only was it a great gift for my daughter and her husband but we have the honor of sharing this special gift with someone else every time we make one for another couple.